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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You want to sell your home, and you want it to go quickly and for your asking price. Sound like it’s too good to be true? The reality is that how fast your home sells and what you get for it does depend on the market and how well it’s marketed, but it also depends on you. For example, when people look for a new home, they are far more attracted to homes that need no work and that show very well, even when the specs are the same as a run-down house that just doesn’t “wow” them.

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Be Sure to Hire a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Thinking of buying a home? Regardless of the news reports, people are buying and homes are selling. Is it time for you to start looking, and if so, why would you want to work with a licensed Realtor®? You can search for millions of homes online, so using a realtor isn’t about finding a home – it’s about the buying process. If you can’t comfortably answer the following questions, you should be serious about seeking out the right real estate agent to help you through the process.

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Marketing sells homes: How choosing a realtor with resources will help you sell faster

Central Indiana has hundreds of real estate companies and thousands of licensed agents, but when it comes to resources not all are equal. Working with a realtor who is backed by strong resources — especially marketing and training — ensures your home gets seen by as many potential buyers as possible and that the transaction goes smoothly, quickly and stress-free.

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