Our Exclusive

Home Marketing System™

Over the past 50 years we have perfected the home selling process across central Indiana. Our multi-media system delivers total market exposure for our sellers and assures us we’ll find the right buyer for your home.

Finding the right buyer is about maximizing your home’s exposure. Sure, a sign in your yard and an internet listing may find a buyer. Targeted, multi-media advertising can find a more qualified buyer with a better offer. Marketing your home is about potentially having more offers at better terms for you. That’s why we work together to find the right buyer for your home, not just any buyer.

The Home Marketing System combines standard home marketing with traditional mass media, plus the latest in digital marketing. It’s nationally-recognized and unmatched in the industry. 

With the system fully executed, your home would enjoy over a million advertising impressions in its first 30 days. including thousands of buyers’ agents and tens of thousands of active home buyers across Indiana. We use a combination of onsite marketing, internal communication, targeted digital and social media, mass media and internet exposure. We couple this marketing strategy with our exclusive internet lead management team to assure your property maximum exposure and rapid response to every inquiry.

Internet Exposure

Your home will be featured on callcarpenter.com, Indiana’s leading real estate site, and on all major real estate websites plus over 550 independent real estate brokerage sites across the country and around the world.

  • On Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and dozens of other sites.
  • callcarpenter.com website reaching nearly one million local prospective homebuyers annually.
  • Featured on the websites of 550 premier real estate companies in 70 countries around the world.
  • Through a special arrangement called IDX, your home is also featured on the local websites of F.C. Tucker, C-21 Scheetz, Keller-Williams, and dozens more!

Mass Media Exposure

Carpenter advertises your home through traditional media sources that other brokerage firms mistakenly ignore or simply can’t afford to offer.

  • Carpenter dominates the lndyStar Homes and Local Living sections each Thursday and Sunday, reaching 240,000 households. 
  • Exclusive IndyStar Home of the Day display ad.
  • Exclusive WRTV Showcase of Homes Sunday morning TV show.
  • Exclusive WRTV Home of the Day commercial, airing during their weekday 6PM News.
  • Executive Portfolio of Homes magazine distributed in the Indianapolis Business Journal.
  • Our dominating presence in local newspapers across Indiana is unmatched for its visibility.

On-Site Marketing

Often the right buyer for your home comes from nearby. That’s why it’s important to mobilize your neighbors to help us find them.

  • The highly visible Carpenter yard sign with multiple points of contact.
  • A take-one flyer box with color property flyers in your front yard engages drive-by prospective buyers.
  • Open House and directional signage when appropriate.
  • Special Feature Cards highlight points of interest throughout your home.
  • Thorough Merchandising Analysis of your home ensures that your home is presented in its best light.

Digital & Social Media

Homebuyers rely more than ever on digital and social media to compare homes they want to view.

  • Within 24 hours, our Boost™ digital and social media advertising targets your neighbors and prospective buyers who have been searching for homes similar to yours. Nobody in central Indiana has this tool!
  • Our exclusive HomeScan mobile apps are used by thousands of local homebuyers.
  • Buyers can view a Paradym virtual tour or your home or even a Matterport HomeTour360, a 3D interactive tour of your home.

Mobilizing Carpenter's Agents

With over 675 agents in 34 locations across Indiana, we are working with hundreds of qualified buyers today. One of them might be the right buyer for your home.

  • Carpenter’s internal social media, Chatter, instantly notifies our agents as soon as your home hits the market.
  • Plus, Carpenter incentivizes its agents to work to find the right buyer for your home, creating a faster sale.

Responding to All Inquiries

Carpenter Realtors is the only major real estate firm in central Indiana that has a dedicated lead management team.

  • Every inquiry on your property is responded to within minutes. Research says that most real estate inquiries are never responded to.
  • Each request is monitored, assigned and tracked through our Client Services Center.
  • All leads are quickly responded to, seven days a week.
  • We will provide ongoing reports showing lead activity.

What You Net

The numbers that matter

Of course, the sale price of your home is the most important variable in real estate. Local knowledge of the real estate market is important when determining the list price that will attract the right buyer.

At Carpenter we are constantly analyzing the market, reviewing activity and watching trends. We’ll share market data and present a strategy to attract the highest and best offers for your home.

But it’s the actual cash you’ll receive at closing (the “net”) that is the most important to you. We help achieve the highest net for you by:

  • attracting more buyers with multi-media marketing to create a competitive bidding situation, leading to a higher sale price;
  • negotiating who pays for closing costs;
  • managing closing dates to positively impact your interest payments;
  • negotiating the cost of inspection repairs;
  • working for your benefit every step of the way.

Our Comparative Market Analysis and Home Merchandising Systems provide a careful analysis of the list price and presentation of your home. Then we review each offer to ensure money isn’t left on the table.

When you choose Carpenter Realtors, you are choosing a trusted advisor to guide you through this important transaction.

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