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Buying New Construction? Hire a Buyer’s Agent to Represent You

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Home Buying | 0 comments

Looking for a new home? One option you’ll find is new construction. A new home certainly has its benefits, from being the first to live there with brand-new HVAC, appliances plumbing and electric, along finishes and treatments that you picked yourself. No immediate repairs or updates, right?

If so, the salesperson on site – the builder’s agent – is always available to answer questions. They know about the area and the development, how their homes are constructed and about available amenities. They can’t be beaten for background information. But you’re at a major disadvantage if you work with that seller’s agent to make the purchase.

Why? The builder’s agent represents the builder/seller. Their first responsibility is to have the builder’s best interest in mind. But this is about your best interests and you need your own representation, a buyer’s agent. It may seem simple to just deal with one person but the builder’s agent’s goal is to get the best deal and best terms for his client, the builder (that means the highest price possible and terms that favor the builder).

Hire your own real estate agent now.

If you’re thinking about buying new construction, make a call to your Carpenter agent now. As a buyer, your agent costs you nothing. But the builder/seller) is responsible for paying a commission to your agent and should be told if you’re working with an agent. If you can, bring your agent to the first visit. At least, be sure to register the agent the first time you visit a new construction site.

Remember that your agent’s knowledge, skills and experience will help you get the greatest bang for your buck. At the very least, their efforts can reduce your frustration and avoid hassles.

When buying new construction, here’s how your Carpenter agent can help you:

  • Financing: Builders work with a preferred lender. But because every situation is different, how can this one solution be right for everyone? Will you get a mortgage solution that works best for you? Terms and conditions vary every day. Shop around for the deal that works best for you.

  • Negotiations: While getting the best price is your #1 concern, remember that every builder offers numerous options in interior/exterior finish, flooring, appliances and more. Want hardwoods? What about nicer counters and appliances? Every day, buyer’s agents negotiate pricing and terms. Their experience will get your the very best price and also gives you a tool to upgrade your new home at low or no cost.

  • Overseeing a home inspection: We say it every day with every home – have a professional third-party home inspection. A seller’s agent might say, “It’s a new home. What could go wrong?” Well, with new construction the potential defects may be different from re-sale, but the number can be just as many. Only a third-party home inspector can give you the information to make sure your purchase is worry-free. The builder’s agent is unlikely to push for or offer an inspection, so it’s up to you and your real estate agent to make it happen.

At Carpenter Realtors, our goal is, when buying any home, to have you walk away with peace of mind. Whether you’re buying a new home or and existing home, always have a real estate professional working on your behalf.