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A Career in Real Estate for You?

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Chart Your Future in Real Estate

The American dream of homeownership is alive and well. The real estate market has rebounded nationwide, and homes are selling quickly throughout the Hoosier state. In an environment of increased demand, now is an excellent time to explore a career in the real estate industry.

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A career in real estate is the perfect fit for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who is results driven and willing to do what it takes to get the job done,” said Amy Englert, Carpenter Realtors’ Director of Training. “There is the thrill of the hunt for the perfect house and the satisfaction of helping that desperate seller close and move on.”

Are you right for Real Estate?

Real estate agents are independent contractors and entrepreneurs at heart.

A healthy drive to succeed is essential to creating a rewarding career.

Those who can build easy relationships with others and want to work hard for clients will enjoy the thrills and challenges of real estate sales.

You need to be able to connect with people and must be willing to ask for the sale when the time comes to be successful,” said Patrick Wilkins of Carpenter Realtors. “Working with people and helping them get what they want is extremely rewarding for me.

Many Rewards

Real estate agents are not limited by an income ceiling, so the money they take home is based on the amount of work they put into their career. And while the profession doesn’t require a college degree, agents are professionals among their peers. The opportunity to start and grow your own business is a real opportunity if you’re willing to make the commitment.

Aside from the income potential, agents have the flexibility to create their own schedules, subject to their clients’ needs. They can manage their work hours around family obligations in ways people in other career fields aren’t able to. “The career does allow you to control your hours, but in the busy season you should be prepared to work the long hours it takes to get the job done if you want to be successful,” Englert said.

Train to Succeed

Before you dive into a career in real estate, meet with a number of companies and agents. Ask questions about the available training and the systems offered to help agents grow and succeed. Every office is different, and when you spend time watching agents work you’ll get a good feel for the job to ensure the career is the right fit.

Schedule an interview with the manager of a quality company with a good reputation who will take the time to assist you with a personality profile exam and assist you in looking at yourself as a salesperson to see if you are the right fit for the career,” Wilkins said.

The state of Indiana requires licensing for all real estate agents. Before becoming licensed, agents must complete an approved 90-hour training and pass a licensing exam. After becoming licensed, agents must pursue continuing education to ensure they remain aware of the best practices at all times. “After you are licensed, Carpenter Realtors offers a wide range of ongoing education to help our agents build their book of business, get off to a great start and do much more to keep us successful,” Englert said.