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New to Real Estate and not getting the support or training you need?

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We Promise Great Training and We Deliver

Carpenter’s Commitment to Your Real Estate Career

Are you being offered extensive training opportunites on relevant topics, presented by knowledgeable experts? Everyone promises training but most fall far short of their promises. If you’ve been disappointed by what you’ve seen from other brokers, do your research into Carpenter’s offerings. We promise and we deliver.

Experienced trainers, experts in their field …

  • Technology

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Research

  • Legal

  • Your Broker and even the CEO, who take your calls

… who train on important, relevant topics …

  • The Home Marketing System to market your listings and promote yourself

  • Personal branding

  • Technology

  • Website

  • Contact Relationship Management

  • Business planning

  • Prospecting

  • Lead generation

  • Sales techniques

  • Market knowledge

… at your convenience.

  • Regularly scheduled classroom training in multiple locations

  • One-on-one training

  • Office and training center workshops

  • CareerStart new agent training

  • In-branch training

  • Easy-to-understand tutorials

Yeah, we’re the “training company” and proud of it. Training for every agent at any stage of their career. If you think you deserve better, contact one of our office managers today with a “Let’s get together for coffee” message.